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31st July 2015

The Safer Sutton Partnership Service is delighted to be able to provide the last update which briefly describes the progress made to the final of the implementation of the TaRDiS project.

During the last couple of months, in conjunction with our partner the Universities' Police Science Institute (UPSI) the team conducted field interviews to collect data for the last iNSI survey, delivered the analysis and the last iNSI strategic report. The Universities' Police Science Institute continued the development of SENTINEL and SENTINEL mobile app.

The project products were presented by our partners in July, in London at  the closing conference, called ‘’Searchlights, Floodlights and Flashlights - Identifying Disaffection and Radicalisation in Communities’’. The event highlighted the achievements of the three years project and its sustainability.

The third iNSI strategic report was translated into Dutch and French languages and it was disseminated it at European level. The report was disseminated in all three languages through the European Police  Research  Institutes  Collaboration (EPIC) network.

In conjunction with our partner Dutch Police Academy the team delivered the project counter narrative nationally and locally with a focus on the spectrum in The Netherland and in the UK.


In the next couple of months the project team will concentrate on completion of the project deliverables and in auditing the project. Further to that, the team will submit the final reports to the European Commission.